• Connectivity Services

  • We offer together with our strategic allies integrity resources specifically for the transportation of data, voice and video as well as the implementation of new connection technologies such as IWAN and the Internet, we have a capacity of redundancy in our connections of 100%, in compliance with high standards of quality and reliability. Strategically located in the Americas have developed a national network and strategically located in the Americas we have developed a national and international MPLS network with 6 CoS and fiber optic backbone capacity that allows us to offer the availability and wide coverage to access internet and data transport with exceptional speed, plus a series of solutions based on ip protocol, security, collaboration, administration of equipment and ip services management.

  • Internet

    Our basic packages offer speeds from 10/10 Mbps to 100 Mbps. Need more?  contact us and we will provide speeds adjusted to your requirements.

  • MPLS / Data Links

    We offer innovative connectivity platforms adapted to your needs.